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The huge bugs crawled up on her ceiling. There were ugly grey hives all over her room. She'd repaint the hives bright yellow, she thought to herself while tiny droplets of slime kept falling upon her. She feared she'd get buried in the slime of those ugly bugs.  She couldn't weep, couldn't move; this usually happens when you develop a certain level of queer intimacy with your tormentors. Her long hair spread around her, with her beautiful face particularly still and her eyes fixed on the bugs, she lied there. She wanted to blink, her eyes were paining and she did; the poor dear. It could have been a moment or infinity she didn't realize, as it gave so much relief to her eyes. Buzz.. She opened her eyes to see all the bugs flying towards her. Her eyes widened and came out of their sockets while blood poured out. Her blood followed a weird course; it spurted out of her eyes, made its way down the bed in streaks, crawled on the floor zig-zag like a red snake, hopped up the wall and all streaks combined into one to pass through the keyhole. Her blood ran away. The slime. The pain. The death. All three took over her, in that order. Not a graceful way to die she realized.
She didn't die. Her blood ran away. She opened her soft brown eyes amid stifling smokes, the stench of burning flesh, the sounds of guns and tremor in the earth as the tanks approached. "Traitor! There, catch her, that bitch!!" All soldiers marched towards her pointing their fingers in her direction. Dying wounded people, got up pointing towards her too. People circled her, and then all of them vanished. Only multitude of bleeding arms remained. Some arms in military sleeves with gunpowder stains over them, some short arms in pink sleeves holding little button eye dolls, some beautiful womanly arms under whose nails the flesh and blood drained dregs of the military uniform remained. All the arms had long ugly fingers, and longer ugly nails. All fingers pointed towards her. They circled her and all nails got pierced in her body. The blood squirted from the piercings, flowed all over her body with delight as it was free now. The blood flowed slowly over her lips, eyes, down on her neck, further down it encircled her breasts, touched inside her legs and continued towards her beautiful feet, stopped as if to pay respects. Then her blood ran away.  The perforation. The smoke. The stench. The death. It nauseated her, she hoped that she was dead soon.
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November 23, 2012
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